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AtoZ software training institute is the best place for you to learn several valuable software courses to help your career ambitions. The systematic Artificial Intelligence course is designed to give you greater exposure to the world of IT.

The necessity for Artificial Intelligence Training is growing everyday as the largest IT companies are looking for skilled professionals. This job-oriented Artificial Intelligence Certification Course program with AtoZ software training opens up a new career window to help you achieve greatness.

Artificial Intelligence Course Job Assistance

Find your dream job with our right career guidance. You can rest assured that you will be able to find the job in esteemed IT organizations as soon as you are Artificial Intelligence certified with us. we will help you prepare for the relevant jobs and assist you attain it.

Our Artificial Intelligence Trainers

All our trainers have 8+ years of immense working experience in their field of expertise. They will provide individual attention to each of our students to help them get full practical exposure to the subject. You can ask them your doubts whenever and get clear clarification at all times.

Artificial Intelligence Course Features

  • Our customized course structure will give you a broad understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its business applications.

  • Hands-on Artificial Intelligence training with professional instructors. They have years of experience and practical knowledge of the subject.

  • The curriculum is prepared with industry standards. It is well-researched to get you understand the latest advancements in the field and adopt yourselves to its requirements.

  • Providing job opportunities for all our trainees is our primary goal. We arrange mock interviews, provide interview questions, and help them find the right job.

  • The classes will be at your convenience. You can decide on the time of the session!

  • You’ll get to have dedicated sessions with the trainer for additional understanding of the Artificial Intelligence course. We’re reachable anytime.


  • starts JAN, 2020
  • duration 1 Month
  • class duration 30 hours
  • skill level all level
  • language english
  • students 400+

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  • Learn why we program.
  • Prepare for the course ahead with a detailed topic overview.
  • Understand how programming in Python is unique.

  • What is Python?
  • Understand how data types and operators are the building blocks for programming in Python.
  • Use the following data types: integers, floats, booleans, strings, lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries.
  • Use the following operators: arithmetic, assignment, comparison, logical, membership, identity.

  • Implement decision-making in your code with conditionals
  • Repeat code with for and while loops.
  • Exit a loop with break, and skip an iteration of a loop with continue.
  • Use helpful built-in functions like zip and enumerate.
  • Construct lists in a natural way with list comprehensions

  • Write your own functions to encapsulate a series of commands.
  • Understand variable scope, i.e., which parts of a program variables can be referenced from.
  • Make functions easier to use with proper documentation.
  • Use lambda expressions, iterators, and generators

  • Write and run scripts locally on your computer
  • Work with raw input from users
  • Read and write files, handle errors, and import local scripts
  • Use modules from the Python standard library and from third-party libraries
  • Use online resources to help solve problems

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